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I am Kim, and I live in Idaho. Yes, I grew up on a potato farm. I’m not just being funny. I could drive a tractor at age 12.

I am married to Ryan. He’s hot, and smarter than anyone I know. I'm not sure if he is a lawyer who farms or a farmer who lawyers. One of those things. He can also tell you a lot of random facts about military strategy, which I'm sure will serve a useful purpose someday??? Maybe?

We have three kids. Matthew is eight, Jonah is two, and Sofia is 4.5 months (as of today, January 2012). They make me laugh 932 times a day.

I started Chef Messy in May 2005. Chef Messy is a nickname affectionately given to me by Ryan. We made a deal when we were first married that one of us would cook and the other would clean up. I love to cook, and I generally make a huge mess of it, so you can see how Ryan got the raw end of the deal. I am scatterbrained, unorganized, I hate cleaning, and I flit from one project to the next. I knew Chef Messy would be the perfect name for the chronicles of my attempts at domesticity.

I’ve never known how to categorize my blog, so I won’t. Once upon a time it was going to be a cooking blog, and then it wasn't. I knit here, I cook here, I talk about my kids and my husband, I rant and rave, I jot down ideas, I rejoice in the humor of how far from perfect I am. I worry sometimes that I’m not funny enough, or that I'm going to offend someone accidentally, or that everyone is going to know what a heathen I am. I get excited about every comment I get. I have friends here that I wouldn’t have kept in touch with if not for blogging. I stress out about what my family and in-laws will think when they read all the things I write here. Above all, I am learning to be honest about who I really am, and I’m thankful for everyone who finds it worth reading.

Thanks for stopping by.

Chef Messy

P.S. Yes, we are Mormons, and we are perhaps unusual Mormons, but we love being Mormons. All the same, I was really hoping that Giuliani was going to run for president...